Research Interests

  • Collective Decision Making: Information Aggregation, Information Processing
  • Political Economy
  • Economics and Psychology

Journal Articles

  • Elisabeth Schulte (2012): “Communication in committees: Who should listen?”, Public Choice, 150, 97-117.
  • Hans Peter Grüner and Elisabeth Schulte (2010): “Speed and quality of collective decision making: Incentives for information provision”, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 76, 734-747.
  • Elisabeth Schulte (2010): “Information aggregation and preference heterogeneity in committees”, Theory and Decision, 69, 97-118.
  • Elisabeth Schulte and Hans Peter Grüner (2007): “Speed and quality of collective decision making: Imperfect information processing”, Journal of Economic Theory, 134, 138-154.
  • Kerstin Gerling, Hans Peter Grüner, Alexandra Kiel and Elisabeth Schulte (2005): “Information acquisition and decision making in committees: A survey”, European Journal of Political Economy, 21, 563-597.

Working Papers

Work in Progress

  • Elisabeth Schulte (2010): “Persuasion with limited information processing”
  • Alexandra Kiel and Elisabeth Schulte (2010): “Reforming the Maastricht Treaty: A mechanism design approach”